Laser V

Sadly the laser company did not achieve the expected standard and we apologise people were not able to see what was planned.

We hope you were able to see something and will still support the Sheffield Hospitals Charity, all the people working hard for us all and the other organisations trying to make our world a better place.


Laser V was a piece of lighting art for people of all ages from across Sheffield and beyond to experience, enjoy, contemplate and share.
Its aim was bring a little light and cheer to all during some difficult and dark times.
V appears in many places and represents many things
V is a symbol of hope and victory
V is in Love
V encourages you to think of the environment
When times are dark, there are always better times ahead, even if at present those times may just be beyond your view to the horizon, the sun will rise.


2020 has been a year of great upheaval. If you are able, give a little gift to help people near and far.

By buying cheaper wrapping paper even that little difference could be used to help give a gift that will go further and last much longer.

This year people have been exceptional in their caring and kindness - let's all try to keep it going through 2021 and beyond.
Laser V was for your enjoyment and to say a big thanks to all the marvellous people who work day in, day out, helping us all to live easier and better lives.
We would like to say thanks to the NHS staff, volunteers, waste processing operatives, volunteers, key workers, persons helping following bereavement and all the often unsung heroes who have been, and those who continue, working to help us through difficult and challenging times.


Day follows night. Spring and Summer come after winter signifying there is always light and hope for the future.

Things will get better.
Look out for one another - Stay COVID safe!


Over the last few months, at times all three of the organisations who kindly provided locations for the lasers have had to have their buildings closed due to the COVID rules. Despite the difficulties they have encountered, they are all hoping to be able to return to being fully involved with their communities and welcome everyone back again in 2021.




Laser V would like to express thanks to all who helped Laser V become reality including:-

Sea Cadets Sheffield

The Green Estate CIC

Trinity United Reformed Church

The freelancers and Limelight Presentation Systems who patiently continued working at the locations even when the laser company let us all down.


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